Cumbernauld singer Beth a hit with judges

Talented young singer Beth Swan
Talented young singer Beth Swan

A CUMBERNAULD singing starlet has made it through to the regional final of the Open Mic UK competition.

Beth Swan (10) wowed judges at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in the auditions phase on Sunday, August 21, by singing the Adele anthem, Rolling in The Deep.

Her strong voice helped Beth get the thumbs up from the judges and now the young singer, who has recently moved with mum from Seafar to Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute, is in line to compete at the live audience regional final.

The former Eastfield Primary pupil said: “I was really nervous but I thought I did quite well and I got through. I’m really happy. I’ve always wanted to be a singer.

“The auditions were held in a room like the one in the X Factor, and I watch that show, so it was a good experience.”

Beth’s mum Morag feels that her daughter’s open and honest personality is something that helps her sing and be confident when speaking to people.

Part of the reason behind moving to Rothesay was so Beth could attend a school where she can take part in outdoor activities that will cater for her outgoing personality.

If Beth can continue to do well in the competition, a recording contract and £50,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs.

“Beth has always wanted to be a singer and do things like this. It’s her first audition for something like this though and she is still very young,” said Morag.

“However, she is competing in the under 16 category, so it shows you how well she has done.

“We’ve always said to her that these things are just for experience and she has taken that on board.

“She watches programmes like the X Factor so she knows that people who can sing don’t always make it, but she just wants the opportunity to do it.”

Beth will compete in the regional final on Saturday, September 24 at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

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