Puzzlers review by Craig Fiddler

The Puzzlers
The Puzzlers

THE EXCITING thing about The Puzzlers is not the fact they seem to keep raising the bar with each performance...

or the fact they will be headlining the next ‘Cottage Beat Club’ night in the Cumbernauld Theatre on March 16, or that they will be releasing their debut EP on the same night, but the fact that they keep writing unbelievable catchy new tunes.

Tonight they aired two new songs, which for me were tonight’s highlights. First was ‘Great Commander’, a punchy gritty song with a superb chorus, and then the amazing ‘Looking Backwards’, written by drummer Gordon Tosh.

Tonight was also special for the band as the man on the mixing desk was none other that Jim Brady of The Rezillos/Nanobots, a personal friend and favourite of the band. The band played a blinding 30-minute set, with fans’ favourite, ‘The Only Guy Around’ and ‘Nobody Knows Him’ among the other highlights.

So there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming months for the band and for starters we have a home gig at the Cumbernauld Theatre – NOT TO BE MISSED.