Their Say column

By John Gould, lecturer, Cumbernauld College

GOLD medals, cheering crowds, and international adulation . . . the 2012 Olympics brought new heroes into our living rooms, but such endeavours were not the product of overnight success or any quick-fix, instant solution. Sports development requires dedication, hard work and the nurturing of talent.

While watching the greatest show on earth, how many of us were reminded of our own experience of sports at school? I had flashbacks to freezing cold mornings, limited facilities and a desire to jettison the subject at the first opportunity. However, many people, young and old, are now inspired by the OIympics and sports clubs are reporting a surge in memberships and enquiries.

The college sector has also been working hard to develop the next generation of sports stars. Cumbernauld College, for example, now has staff profiles that include celebrated and experienced sporting figures from the past and present. Extensive use is also being made of the Broadwood facility. In serving the community, the college is firmly playing its part in nurturing potential and inspiring local people to aim higher, faster and further.

John Gould, lecturer, Cumbernauld College