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Karl George and Cody John Stirrup

Karl George and Cody John Stirrup

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Karl George and Cody John Stirrup

PARENTS: Lianne Stirrup (27) and husband Keith (26) live in Craigieburn Road in Carbrain. Lianne is a factory supervisor at Albert Bartlett in Airdrie where Keith is a forklift truck driver. The twins have a three year old brother called Kai.

PREGNANCY: Not too many problems and at 37 weeks the babies were slightly early.

BIRTH: A very quick procedure indeed - by section.

BABIES Both are proving to be happy and settled.

NAMES: The couple just liked both these names but the middle names are to honour beloved uncles from both sides of the family.

GRANDPARENTS: Lianne’s mum Elizabeth passed away last Novemember but proud grandfather John, of Carbrain, is on hand to help. Keith’s mum and dad are Anna and Eddie who hail from Cookstown in Northern Ireland.

THANKS: To friends and family for their good wishes and gifts plus hospital staff who have been so caring.