Award winning inventor dies (70)

John Devlin. 08/01/13. KILSYTH. Coverage of funeral of Andy Green with horses and carriage. CG

John Devlin. 08/01/13. KILSYTH. Coverage of funeral of Andy Green with horses and carriage. CG

A Banton resident who brought photos to the web is laid to rest in Kilsyth

Andy Green (70), who rented historic Gateside Farm in Stirling Road, died suddenly at home just before Christmas.

A photographic chemist, Taunton-born Andy had worked all over the world not simply in the realm of photography but as a consultant for radiographers fighting cancers in hospitals across Europe and America.

Andy was based at Kodak’s operation in Harrow for more than 30 years and was recipient of the Distinguished Inventor’s Award from Kodak for creating 23 patents.

After a short stint in Gourock following his retirement, he came to live in Banton with his American wife Professor Karen-Claire Voss.

Together they started a fine art printing business which drew custom from Scotland’s top artists – many of whom attended yesterday’s humanist funeral.

The shock of Andy’s death saddened many over the festive season but they had the chance to say their personal farewells at an unconventional ceremony where images were drawn on the coffin.

This was conveyed in a Victorian-style carriage pulled by black horses to the strain of bagpipes – with a nip of Andy’s favourite whisky for guests.

All had been invited to bring instruments to play at the cemetery and a gathering afterwards at Andy’s beloved Gateside.

Meanwhile Karen-Claire paid tribute to her husband by saying: “He loved fine clothes, he loved fine food, he loved antique Wedgwood, he loved our cat Pearl, he loved Gateside Farm and he loved me.”

Andy is also survived by his parents Joseph Green and Audrey Kemp plus daughters Harriet and Victoria.




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