Blackwood road flooding issues highlighted

Date: 28/08/12. CUMBERNAULD. GV's of B8048 road to Kirkintilloch which is a problem area for flooding.

Date: 28/08/12. CUMBERNAULD. GV's of B8048 road to Kirkintilloch which is a problem area for flooding.

BLACKWOOD residents say flooding problems hitting an important road through the area have left them suffering for years.

Jim Campbell says he has been complaining about the state of the B8048 road a long time and is sick and fed up of flooding problems,

“We have been suffering with this now for many years and there seems to be absolutely no resolution in sight, even today,” he said.

“Just slightly across the road from Broadwood car stadium is a small footpath, leading to the houses in Craiglinn I think it is, and there is a burn situated around that point.

‘‘This burn constantly overflows when we have even a moderate amount of rain.

‘‘Unfortunately, when we have any heavy rainfall, or worse still, when there is extremely heavy rainfall/thunderstorms this burn overflows.’’

And he added poor drainage means that the area can very quickly become a flowing torrent of rainwater, almost like a deep ford.

The water continually flows down the road to the roundabout and floods the roundabout, I personally have seen as much as perhaps 2 feet of water maybe 20 feet x 20 feet wide.

This makes the road unpassable during these times.

Sometimes when its particularly bad I’ve been driving up the hill and had to go onto the opposite side of the carriageway as have other motorists when cars are coming the opposite way . . . a real accident waiting to happen.”

However, North Lanarkshire Council says it has had very few reports of problems on this road. A spokeswoman said: “We only have one report of flooding in this location which occurred on February 22 when there was extremely heavy rain across central Scotland which caused flooding problems across the road network. We will, however, monitor the situation to identify any issues in future.”

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