Residents asked: how do you see the future of Cumbernauld Community Park?

Aerial view of Cumbernauld Community Park
Aerial view of Cumbernauld Community Park

LOCAL groups across Cumbernauld are being given the chance to comment on the future of Cumbernauld Community Park.

Community organisation the Friends of Cumbernauld Community Park has commissioned a public consultation, to be carried out by an independent research company, on the future developments people wish to see in the park.

This consultation will explore a number of possible directions the park could take in future, and should help the Friends find the best uses for the park and the most popular amenities.

A spokesman said: “The Friends group will be holding a scoping meeting with the consultant shortly and hope to start the process after the summer with the intention of completing the survey and issuing a report by the year end.

“The consultation will address what the people of Cumbernauld want to have in the Community Park - wildlife habitats, paths, playing fields, community buildings, public art, events... all options are on the table at this time.

The next stage after this report will be to determine what is possible and what can be funded. Work will then be done on design development of a timeline for the implementation of the aspirations of Cumbernauld’s residents in the Community Park.”

The Friends plan to organise public meetings to discuss these developments - see the News and Chronicle for details. Further information on Cumbernauld Community Park can be found at

There are also plans to put the consultation questionnaire online to allow more people the opportunity to offer their views. The findings of the consultation will also be published online.