Smoke detector warning after Cumbernauld fire

HOUSEHOLDERS in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth are being warned about fire dangers after two ‘near miss’ incidents at the weekend.

Tragedy was averted at a house in Condorrat after firefighters made a late-night intervention on Friday.

A female in her mid thirties called the emergency services after an unoccupied grill pan caught fire around 11.50pm in Dalshannon Road.

The horrified victim phoned the fire brigade and somehow managed to beat back the rising flames – but suffered as toxic fumes took hold.

When firefighters arrived from their Greenfaulds depot, specialist officers wasted no time in pulling out supplies of oxygen and administered this - meaning the victim did not need hospital treatment.

Ironically the stricken kitchen did have a smoke alarm but this no longer worked.

However, firefighters have since returned to the premises and fitted alarms to reassure the householder – and also did an assessment on the premises to indentify any more potential fire risks.

This service is free and is open to anyone who is concerned about fire safety in their home. Anyone who wishes to book an appointment can do so by ‘phoning 01236 729797.

Meanwhile firefighters want to warn locals about another risk in their kitchen - tumbler dryers.

Firefighters raced to a house in Westfield’s Tomtain Brae on Sunday (August 12) after a fire broke out following an electrical fault at around 2.10pm.

It is is believed that neighbours raised the alarm as the the occupants were out the house