Amateurs results and fixtures

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Stirling and District AFA


Wednesday, May 4: Premier Division - Falkirk 6, Slamannan 3; Condorrat Club 0, Stenhousemuir 3; Carronshore 3, Bluebell 3.

First Division - Drumpellier Th 0, Caldercruix 4.

Second Division - Braehead 2, Stirling Th 3; Zetland 1, Stirling Un 5.

Third Division - Gormac Th 5, Stables 6; Barrhill 5, Condorrat 1; Bannockburn 2, Forth Th 2; Bo’ness Utd 3, Sunnyside 2; Callender Th 3, Milton FC 0.

Friday, May 6: Premier Division - Grangemouth 1, Falkirk 7.

Saturday, May 7: Premier Division - Camelon Th 1, Carronshore 2; Carse Th 3, Condorrat Club 2; California 4, Bluebell 2.

First Division - Moodiesburn 4, Fallin 1; Stirling BC 0, Maddiston 3; Caldercruix 3, KMW 2; AFC Milton 2, Dunipace 1.

Second Division - Stirling Un 2, Loganlea Utd 0; Zetland 5, Braehead 4; Glenvale 3, Tullibody Community 4.

Third Divison - Condorrat 2, Milton FC 2; Barrhill 5, Bannockburn 5; Bo’ness Utd 3, Laurieston Villa 4; Tillicoultry 12, Stables 2.

Mathieson Trophy third round - Slamannan 0, Bonnybridge YFP 1.


All mid-week kick-offs now 7pm.

Monday, May 9: Cameron Craig Memorial, first round - Zetland v Stirling Th; Grangemouth v Glenvale; AFC Milton v Milton FC; Carse Th v Moodiesburn; Bonnybridge YFP v Forth Th; Caldercruix v Stables; Laurieston Villa w/o Falkirk scr; Condorrat v Riverside; KMW v Gormac Th; Dunipace Th v Slamannan; Bluebell v Tullibody Community; Callender Th v Maddiston.

Second round: Camelon Th v Loganlea Utd; Stenhousemuir v Camelon Albion; Fallin v Greenhill; Stirling BC v Tillicoultry; Redbrae v Barrhill; Condorrat Club v Bannockburn.

Tuesday, May 10: East of Scotland Cup Final - Falkirk v Steins Th at Almondvale Stadium, 7.00pm KO.

Wednesday, May 11: Cameron Craig Memorial, second round - California v Braehead; Carronshore v Caldercruix or Stables; Callender Th or Maddiston v Stirling Un; KMW or Gormac Th v Dunblane Th; Bluebell or Tullibody Community v Condorrat or Riverside; Zetland or Stirling Th v Carse Th or Moodiesburn; Bonnybridge YFP or Forth th v Bo’ness Utd; Drumpellier Th v AFC Milton or Milton FC; Dunipace or Slamannan v Sunnyside.

Third round fixtures to be played on May 16.

Premier Division: Stenhousemuir v Redbrae, Friday, May 13, at Little Kerse.

Third Division Cup final: Bannockburn v Milton FC, Saturday, May 14.

JF Colley, third round: Carronshore v Camelon Albion.

Mathieson Trophy, semi-final at Dunipace: Braehead v Bonnybridge.

Premier Division: Carse Th v Stenhousemuir; Falkirk v Condorrat Club; Bluebell v California; Slamannan v Camelon Th.

First division: Dunipace v AFC Milton.

Second division: Dunblane v Glenvale; Stirling Th v Tuliibody Community; Greenhill v Loganlea.

Third division: Condorrat v Bo’ness Utd; Callander Th v Forth; Laurieston Villa v Barrhill; Sunnyside v Stables.

Monday, May 16: Cameron Craig Memorial, third round, and JF Colley Trophy, fourth round, scheduled.

Wednesday, May 19: Premier Division - Falkirk v Carse Th.

First division: Stirling Boys Club V Dunipace; Caldercruix v Drumpellier Th.

Second division: Dunblane v Braehead; Tullibody Community v Greenhill; Stables v Gormac Th; Sunnyside v Barrhill.