Wellsfield Trout Fishery

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ALL three lochans fished well this week for fly and bait anglers. Many anglers bagged their fish limits, average weight of fish was 3lb with a few larger fish in the 4lb–7lb range.

Best flies this week: Coral Dancer, Olive Damsel, Gold Sparkler and Buzzers fished at about 3-5ft from the surface. Best baits: Powerbait, maggots and ledgered worms.

Largest fish of the week was a 10lb 4oz rainbow trout for B. Wallace (Falkirk) in his bag of three trout for 16lb 4oz.

Best catches for this week: G. Horseburgh (Boness) five for 15lb; A. Clements (Alloa) five for 15lb; P. Ferguson (Denny) five for 15lb; I. Smith (Grangemouth) five for 15lb.

A. Wilkie (Camelon) four for 15lb, best 7lb rainbow trout; M. Shearer (Airth) four for 13lb, best 4lb 12oz blue trout; K. Malcolm (Falkirk) four for 12lb; T. Cormack (Stirling) five for 11lb; S. Johnston (Coatbridge) four for 10lb 8oz.

B. Wallace (Falkirk) three for 16lb 4oz, best 10lb 4oz rainbow trout; R. Smith (Denny) three for 10lb; J. Shaw (Kilsyth) four for 9lb 8oz; T. Webster (Glasgow) three for 9lb 8oz; J. Ross (Kilsyth) three for 9lb 8oz; A. Kalns (Stirling) three for 9lb 4oz; J. McGuire (Kincardine) three for 9lb; S. Sneddon (Bonnybridge) three for 8lb; K. Lowe (Larbert) three for 8lb; G. Paterson (Stirling) three for 8lb; M. Barker (Stirling) three for 8lb; K. Meiklehoffen (Grangemouth) three for 7lb 8oz; P. Freathy (Alloa) three for 7lb 4oz; C. Chambers (Broxburn) three for 7lb 4oz; J. Brogan (Airdrie) three for 7lb 4oz; J. Kennedy (Kilsyth) three for 7lb; A. Sprout (Cumbernauld) three for 7lb; R. Marshall (Plean) three for 7lb.

J. Jardine (Stenhousemuir) two for 6lb 8oz; S. Devlin (Coatbridge) two for 6lb 8oz; H. Bettley (Coatbridge) two for 6lb 4oz; S. Brotherton (Glasgow) two for 6lb; W. Caddiss (Stirling) two for 6lb; T. Pate (Alloa) two for 5lb 12oz; E. Marshall (South Queensferry) two for 5lb 12oz; K. Lowe (Larbert) two for 5lb 4oz; J. Campbell (Stirling) two for 5lb 4oz; C. Lillie (Airdrie) two for 5lb 4oz; R. Smith (Denny) two for 5lb; I. McDougal (Coatbridge) two for 5lb; D. Bennie (Denny) two for 5lb; B. Cochran (Bonnybridge) two for 5lb.

D. Young (Carron) one for 4lb.

For further information call 01324 822800 or visit www.wellsfield.co.uk.