Cumbernauld schoolgirl heads to top beauty pageant in Blackpool

A Cumbernauld schoolgirl will put her studies aside briefly in October in her quest to scoop the coveted title of Miss Teen Great Britain.

Thursday, 5th September 2019, 10:35 am

Chelsea McCreadie (16) who attends Cumbernauld Academy will take her place on the stage at The Globe venue at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in her bid to win the top prize.

Having been crowned Miss Teen Lanarkshire, this is the next step for the young lady whose main aspiration is not to become a model – but a doctor.

And Chelsea believes that taking part in itself will have many rewards that will help her meet her personal goals - and empower her in her career path

Chelsea who also works in the Cumbernauld branch of McDonalds said: “By competing in Miss Teen Great Britain, I hope to improve my confidence, make friends from all over the UK and make amazing membories.

“Winning would just be a bonus. Pageants have helped me so much already and I have had so many amazing opportunities and experiences!

Incidently, anyone who notes resemblance to former Miss GB Deone Robertson here would be correct – as Chelsea and Deone are sisters!