Cumbernauld’s Vagabond Poets’ tour de force

VAGABOND POETS swagger onto the Stereo venue stage, pick up their instruments and straight into first song, the rather amazing, ‘Howling’ at the moon’.

Thursday, 19th September 2013, 8:34 am

The Cumbernauld band has not only recently gone to a three-piece, but there has also been a massive shift in their sound. It’s a more mature sound with a blend of dark sultry guitars and psycadelic rock ‘n’ roll. The band look as though they’re having fun and there seems to be a certain chemistry with them on stage that puts the audience at ease and able to enjoy the short but enjoyable 40 minute set. New lead singer and guitarist Luke Boyce is on fine form and seems to be growing in confidence as the frontman with every performance.

Not even a cold could dampen his spirit and vocals tonight and he is equally well backed with Jack Boyce on drums and Carlos Hernandez on bass. The harmonies and backing vocals from Jack and Carlos add a new lease of life to some of the songs and a richer sound to others.

Half way through the set they deliver for me tonight’s highlights, first with a song called, ‘Wide Awake’, and then the amazing, ‘The Small Hours’. Any song that has a, ‘ooh wah wah wah ooh’ in it is a hit with me. Both songs typify the bands new sound and have the audience wanting more.

The band finish with another new song, ‘Mantra’, which is set to be their first single as a three-piece. A slow burner with irresistible hooks which is sure to bring the band more exposure in the coming months. A fine night’s works from the Cumbernauld band.

Band: Vagabond Poets

Venue: Stereo, Glasgow - 12/09/13

Review: Craig Fiddler