Get 'Hacked Off!' at Pavilion

THE Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow, is about to host another uproarious comedy - 'Hacked Off'!

Wednesday, 6th October 2010, 11:48 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th October 2010, 11:48 am

Harry Convery plays a taxi driver in a BBC Scotland soap opera, 'Bonnie Clyde', or at least he did, until his on screen character – Cheeky Chappie Boaby Scobie – was shot through the chest and ends up in a coma. Now, Harry has to wait to find out if Boaby lives.

But there's another problem. Harry is about to get married to Newton Mearns princess Vivien, and he can't tell her he's facing the axe. Not only is she stricken by wedding fever, her snooty friends would never accept him as an unemployed actor.

Desperate, he takes a job, in secret, as a real-life taxi driver. But Harry soon finds out that driving a taxi for real is even stranger, dangerous and demanding than any storyline he's ever had to film.

Can Harry hack it as a taxi driver? His first day on the job, at Hogmanay, sees him driven to the edge when he comes up against a range of colourful Glasgow creatures. It's not long before the actor starts to lose the plot, and he's not at all sure if his sat-nav is actually talking to him.

'Hacked Off!' features a clutch of true stories about cab driving in Glasgow.

The show is at the Pavilion from October 13-23 2010. Tickets cost 12 to 16 each. Call the box office on 0141-332-1846 for bookings, or visit