Marie slims down for skydive dream

Super slimmer Marie Kilpatrick celebrated dropping six dress sizes by dropping 10,000 feet from a plane.

Sunday, 3rd May 2015, 4:41 pm

South Carbrain mum-of-one Marie (36) shrank from size 20 and 15 stone 2 lbs to a shapely size 8 at 9 stone 1lb - losing 6 stone 1lb after signing up with Scottish Slimmers.

“When I initially enquired about doing a charity skydive I was at my heaviest - over 15 stone - and I remember the look on the guy’s face. He was really pleasant byt said to me to check the terms and conditions. When I read them later I realised the weight limit was 14 stone and I think he was just embarrassed to tell me.”

After losing six stones Marie, who works as a cleaner, achieved her skydiving dream at Strathallan Airfield, Perthshire, raising £700 for Cancer Research.
“I chose Cancer research as I have lost several members of my family to this horrible disease and just wanted to make a difference,” added Marie.

In January 2014 Marie realised she would need help with her weight to be able to skydive.

“I had tried many diets before and got bored with them. I found out right away that Scottish Slimmers offered me the variety of foods I had been searching for. Suddenly it didn’t seem impossible to reach my goal.”

And, also thanks to her weight loss, Marie is much much more confident and finds it much easier to play with two-year old daughter Alyssa.