Banton pub shares meeting could give you a stake in the Swan

Rural Banton
Rural Banton

The next stage towards the reopening of the pub in Banton has been announced today (Tuesday 1st October) with a share launch taking place that will offer the community the chance to invest in the village’s future success.

The People United for Banton (P.U.B.) committee will hold a meeting this evening In Banton’s Community Centre where the community will get the chance to purchase shares in the Swan, Scotland’s first community-owned pub.

The pub was threatened with closure after the landlord decided not to renew the lease resulting in the owner exploring the idea of demolition.

The Swan has stood proudly in the village of Banton for over 170 years and has been the watering hole for many when the surrounding areas were dry.

The building was purchased by the P.U.B. committee with financial help from the Scottish Land Fund with further funding secured from The Big Lottery, the Cloth Workers Foundation charity and with European funding via the Kelvin Valley Leader, to undertake the necessary repair and extensive renovations which will turn the facility into a state of the art community hub and pub.

It is anticipated that the pub will be pulling the first pints to customers later this year.

Community spokesperson, Wendy Dunsmore said: “This is an exciting time for Banton and the community. This gives the Banton residents a chance to reinvigorate the village after the closure of the local shop, ATM and the threatened withdrawal of the bus service.

“Banton was a village in need of a boost. The pub and the facilities that will be available in the hub will bring much needed enthusiasm and its heart back.”