Bungalow brilliance

To call the sale of this splendid Condorrat bungalow “unusual” would be something of an understatement, as only four have been on the market in its quiet cul-de-sac in the past 30 years.

Wednesday, 16th July 2014, 9:58 am

Kirk Place is a delightful area where, as seller Mrs Jacqueline Martin explains, homes were built around 28 years ago from scratch, and to the owner’s individual design.

And apart from the fact that while the properties are similar in style but not identical there are several other unique selling points to consider ... even before taking into account the beautifully appointed interior.

A key attraction is the bungalow’s back garden, which is actually approaching double the size of the area shown in our photograph.

It is secluded and, says Mrs Martin, a brilliant sun trap in the summer - a haven of tranquility in spacious and serene surroundings in the heart of a busy area.

The whole concept of the bungalow stems from the days of the Raj (the word comes from ‘Bengal’), where single-level homes were popular because of the extreme weather conditions which could make two-storey properties a risky proposition.

But since the size of the building’s “footprint” was never a problem they had many advantages too.

These days, when the builders of new developments are trying to maximise profit on limited space (because the supply of “desirable” sites is at a premium) homes which have the same amount of space at front and rear as this Kirk Place proposition are very hard to find – as Mrs Martin says, you could get two typical newbuilds into the same space.

The three-bedroom property includes a master bedroom with a smart ensuite wet room, while other notable features include the good-sized and beautifully-appointed kitchen with access to the garden via patio doors.

The photographs do some justice to the style and quality of the property, but the selling agent is surely right when it’s suggested the only way to appreciate the full effect is to pay a visit in person – it’s in the “viewing essential” category.

Apart from getting the chance to appreciate the actual living accommodation, finished to walk-in condition and exquisitely decorated throughout, it’s an ideal opportunity to see why “low rise” homes - discreet, private and spacious – had a special kind of popularity in decades past, when building space wasn’t at such a premium,

Every important amenity can be found close to hand, and while Kirk Place is in the heart of its community it also has the luxury of a semi-secluded locale likely to appeal to potential buyers of many different kinds.