Cameron’s got the magic touch

Cumbernauld magician Cameron McTavish
Cumbernauld magician Cameron McTavish

A Blackwood student has decided to follow his dream of becoming a full-time magician.

Cameron McTavish (20), is currently in third year of a Social Science degree at Glasgow Caledonian University, but away from the classroom can be found most days performing on Buchanan Street in Glasgow.

He can also be found doing weddings, parties, corporate and charity events and is currently the resident magician at Ibrox Stadium for the family stand

Cameron said: “It all started when I was nine and my gran brought me back a magic kit from a trip she made to Las Vegas.

“I practised the tricks as much as I could and saved up any money I could to find better and better kits.

“Finally I got to the point where I thought I was okay and then when I was 11 or 12 I was at a wedding and I was going from table to table doing tricks and everyone seemed impressed.

“I thought to myself that if I could fool all these adults then it was definitely something I thought I could pursue.”

Inspired by the emergence of David Blaine and Dynamo, Cameron set about focussing on close up magic.

He said: “I was always much more interested in close-up magic, the huge stage illusions are very impressive, but there is nothing quite like the feeling or reaction of fooling someone right to their face.

“It is almost like the ultimate test, I don’t pretend it is anything other than a trick and I’ll tell people I’m about to fool them, indeed I’ll say to them ‘I’m about to lie to you and you’ll enjoy it’, so they are looking out for it, so the reaction you get when it works is all the better.

“When you are on the street there can be people all around you at every angle, checking everything you are doing and trying to catch you out which just adds to the challenge, but it’s something I relish.

“David Blaine certainly made street magic cool for a time, but I wasn’t so keen on his stunts, that sort of thing wasn’t for me, but when Dynamo starting to make for himself I knew he was some one I wanted to emulate, to this day I am still a huge fan of his work.

Cameron says there is no substitute for practice and urged any would-be magicians to invest in a video camera.

He said: “I used to be a member of the Scottish Conjurers Association, it’s not really a magic school, but I did get to learn some valuable tips and tricks.

“But really the best way to learn is just to do tricks over and over again, some people do them in front of the mirror, but I prefer to set up a camera and tape myself.

“The camera acts as the eyes of the audience and you can watch it back later while you aren’t concentrating on the trick and see how it looks.

“It is particularly useful if you are trying to develop a new trick and if you can fool yourself then there is a pretty good chance you can fool anyone else.”

Keep up to date with Cameron at his Cameron McTavish Magic page on Facebook and you can also follow him on Twitter @Magic McTavish.

He said: “Now I’ve decided to make magic my main job, I’m trying to put myself out there as much as possible – who know where it might lead.

“If anyone is planning an event this year and would be interested in hiring a magician to entertain their guests, drop me a message and I’ll be happy to help.”