Carbrain residents call for parking restrictions

Residents of a Carbrain street are demanding action before inconsiderate parking causes an accident.

Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 6:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 6:53 pm
Residents would like yellow lines or signage like that found in Torbrex Road

Those living in Craigeburn Road already say they regularly cannot get their wheelie bins collected because the lorries cannot get access, and are increasingly worried a worse fate may befall them.

Alexander Alum said: “There really is a serious accident just waiting to happen and it is becoming increasingly dangerous especially for children, old folk and the disabled. For example the other day a car was left just yards from the ring road, blocking the full footpath, which meant that people had to no option, but to step out onto what is a rather busy road.

“I met a friend who has mobility issues and he, along with the numerous mothers with prams I saw, had to creep out very slowly to get to the other side and carry on onto the path.

“It isn’t just the inconvenience for pedestrians, there is always the possibly that a driver could have turned into the street and didn’t have time to react to their path being blocked.

“We need double yellow lines at these dangerous corners, but every time I’ve contacted the council I’ve gotten nowhere and when I contact the police they say there is nothing they can do because there are no yellow lines.

“Recently the very same entry from the main road into Glenhove Road has been newly painted with signs which say ‘NO PARKING’ and Torbrex Road has been given very similar signage too

“That’s exactly what we need here to stop these idiots blocking a public path and preventing the recycle lorries from coming in, but I have to wonder why they did these other streets but not ours when it is the same road layout as all of us cross over to the shopping centre or Tesco.”

A council spokesperson responded: “Our roads team would be happy to discuss the issues on Craigieburn Road with the resident to identify any possible solutions.”

Meanwhile, zig-zag lines outside schools are to be legally enforced across North Lanarkshire

At a recent full council meeting councillors voted unanimously to remove the advisory status from the road markings.

A council spokesman said: “Significant survey work is required to ensure all zig-zag markings are legally enforceable and this exercise is likely to start in the new year.

“Current regulations require an upright sign to be provided which changes the advisory status to mandatory.

“This requirement, which would have significant cost benefits to the council and enable the implementation of enforceable zig-zag markings to be accelerated, is currently being reviewed by the Scottish Government.”