Learner drivers low on luck at test centre in Airdrie

Learner drivers at the Airdrie Test Centre were low on luck compared to others in Scotland last year, with one of the worst records for passing their test at the first attempt.

Monday, 23rd November 2020, 4:04 pm

The centre is where many in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth sit their test - and contend with a sometimes challenging road network which also incorporates Coatbridge.

The RAC Foundation warned the real challenge for newly qualified drivers comes after their test as they are much more likely to have a crash in their first year on the road.

Hopeful students made 1,679 first attempts at passing their car driving test at Airdrie Test Centre in 2019-20, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency figures show.

Of those, 687 were successful, which at a pass rate of 41%, was one of the lowest of any test centre in the country included in the data.

This excludes centres that recorded fewer than 100 first-attempt tests as the DVSA cautions against drawing conclusions from such low numbers.

The average pass rate for first attempts across Britain was 46% last year.

Learners at the Arbroath Test Centre held the best record, at 72%,

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding said “Every driver knows that passing the test is only the first hurdle – the real challenge comes when a newly qualified driver has to take full responsibility themselves,” he said.

“Safely negotiate the first 1,000 miles after gaining your licence and the risk of having a crash drops sharply.”

Mr Gooding said data suggested that a decline in the number of young people holding a driving licence in recent years had begun to reverse.

He added: “With the challenges of Covid-related restrictions we could witness higher numbers of young people learning to drive because they see it as important to their employment prospects.”

Of the 1,679 first attempts made at Airdrie 10 drivers passed with no faults.They were among 10,375 learners across Britain who passed on their first attempt in this way.