Palacerigg Animal Park group update

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A public group which has ambitious plans to bring an animal collection back to Palacerigg Country Park has identified its chosen site

Palacerigg Animal Group took to Facebook to acknowledge that there had been some “negative rumours” in regard to a perceived lack of activity of late.

However, members state that they have been working behind the scenes - and have bypassed the previous locationin favour of a “much larger” group of four fields a few minutes walk away from the visitors centre.

A spokesperson stated: “A new pathway will be created to access this from beside the original childrens play area.

“We will be having a meeting with local elected officials to update them on our plans and fundraising efforts so far, so they can update their communities around Cumbernauld and North Lanarkshire.

“Due to the general election being called, several committees have been unable to sit during the campaign.

“As such, some plans are taking longer than expected. However, rest assured, we are working away in the background ready to push on after the result.

“We will be looking to hold a full public meeting in the new year and we hope that as many of you as possible can attend. Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help, donations and encouragement so far.”