Stagecoach West Scotland holding service consultation in Cumbernauld

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Stagecoach West Scotland has launched a consultation over proposed changes to three of its services which operate in Cumbernauld in a bid to improve punctuality and efficiency.

A spokesperson said: “We have listened to the feedback from you, our passengers, to the changes that were made in November 2018, and indeed general feedback over the past few years as we have sought to improve services in Cumbernauld.

“We are keen to ensure as many of the residents in our local communities as possible are able to use our services, while at the same time continuing to ensure they are sustainable and proportionate to the number of passengers wishing to travel, and as such it is important that we understand how you want to use our services.

“One of the major challenges for us in terms of attracting passengers, operating our services in a punctual manner and doing so efficiently is the continued congestion issues on the M80, in particular at peak times.”

The consultation proposals will focus on the X25 (Glasgow-Abronhill), X28 (Glasgow-Condorrat-Seafar) and 29 (Cumbernauld-Condorrat).


Daytime services Monday to Friday:  Minor changes to timetable to improve the punctuality of services.

Early Evening: Introduction of services from Glasgow University at 1520, 1620 and 1720 via Woodlands Road and Sauchiehall Street to Buchanan Bus Station and onward to Cumbernauld to allow those travelling to these areas in the morning to also be able to catch a bus back at night. 

Late Evening: From 1935 journeys leaving Glasgow onward will operate the current route from Glasgow via the M80, but will now leave at Mollinsburn serving Main Road to North section of Condorrat Ring Road before

rejoining the current X25 route at Glasgow Road. Departures from Abronhill will also operate via the

North Section of the Condorrat Ring Road and Main Road to Mollinsburn from the 2012 departure onward. Departure times from Glasgow and Abronhill will alter slightly to accommodate this as it adds a few minutes onto each journey meaning there will not be an even 30 minute frequency in the evening but there will be no longer than a 40 minute gap.

Saturdays and Sundays: Minor Timetable changes to improve the punctuality of services.


X28 will no longer operate via Janes Brae but will instead continue along South Carbrain Road then Lye Brae and onto Central Way. This means the service from Central Way to Seafar will now be on the other side of the road from where it is currently. The service will then operate from Central Way to Seafar Road. Journey times will reduce slightly and this will improve the punctuality of services.

Departures for Glasgow will operate as currently starting at Seafar Road, onto Central Way and then

as per the current route to Glasgow.


There will be minor adjustments to the 29 timetable to ensure it continues to meet the X25 at Central

Way following the changes to the X25 times.

Stagecoach West Scotland is hosting a drop-in session in the Muirfield Community Centre on Friday from 3-7pm to learn more about the proposed changes and provide feedback.

Representatives will also be on board Cumbernauld bus services today (Tuesday) and Thursday to provide feedback forms to customers on board.

Further information on the proposed changes and a feedback form are available at

A spokesperson said: “We continue to lobby local and national elected representatives for bus priority measures during peak travel hours on the motorway network around Glasgow, including the M80, however we would encourage our passengers to also contact their local councillors, MSP and MP in this regard.

“More people on buses means less congestion on our roads, which means quicker journey times for you and allows us to reinvest any savings into the services we operate in the form of increased frequency, vehicles and ticketing initiatives.  

If you would like to comment on our proposals, or learn more about how buses and bus friendly policy can reduce congestion, improve air quality, help the local economy to grow and local communities to thrive please email