Free school bus must be retained, says councillor

Stock pic: John Devlin
Stock pic: John Devlin

SNP Councillor Tom Johnston has demanded that free bus transport must be kept for Village pupils attending Cumbernauld Academy.

And he has said this should be irrespective of any change in the two-mile limit for secondary pupils qualifying for free bus transport.

Councillor Johnston put his demand in a letter to Isabelle Boyd, head of education in North Lanarkshire.

He said: “North Lanarkshire Council officially recognises the designated walking route from the Village to Cumbernauld Academy as unsafe. Part of the route is up the Wilderness Brae which is isolated and heavily wooded. As a result,Village pupils are allotted places on the free school bus – even although they live less than the current two-mile limit from Cumbernauld Academy.

“I was part of a year-long campaign by local councillors to get the council to recognise the dangers of the isolated Wilderness Brae walking route from the Village.

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council, said: “The consultation on plans to change the school transport arrangements is currently under way – it’s important to remember that no decision has been taken.

“We will assess all safe walking routes as part of the process and we are encouraging all parents and carers to take part and share their views in the consultation.

The online version of the survey can be found at: .