A burning ambition to boost charity

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Thirty fearless fundraisers are set to walk barefoot across hot coals in Dullatur tomorrow (Sunday, January 29) to raise cash for Teenage Cancer Trust.

The effort is being staged at Dullatur Golf Club - rain or shine - and will see supporters of the charity from all over Scotland tramp across coals whose temperature is likely to be higher than 1,000 degrees.

Teenage Cancer Trust is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the quality of life and chances of survival for the seven young people aged 13 to 24 diagnosed with cancer every day.

The charity spends approximately £1.1million a year on services in Scotland, working to make sure they are there at every stage, from diagnosis through treatment and after treatment.

Being treated alongside others their own age is said to make a huge difference to the lives of young people with cancer, and the charity wants every young person with cancer to have access to this specialist support, no matter where they live.

Audrey Murray, Regional Fundraising Manager for Teenage Cancer Trust in Scotland, said: “It’s so amazing to have such fiery support for this challenge and see people travel from far and wide to support us.

“The challenge is extremely difficult and it is incredible to see the passion that each and every supporter brings to this sort of event.

“As a charity, we rely on voluntary donations and the support we receive through events like these, ensures young people with cancer and their families have access to the best possible care and support.

“A huge thank you to everyone who is supporting us and helping to raise awareness and funds for Teenage Cancer Trust.”

Teenage Cancer Trust needs to raise £2,850 a day to maintain all its services in Scotland.

Almost half of young people with cancer across the UK are not currently treated in Teenage Cancer Trust units and don’t have access to their expert care.

Teenage Cancer Trust intends to provide specialist Nurses in Scotland to reach all young people with cancer, where ever they live.

To make this happen, the charity will need to raise £20 million a year, every year, by 2020.

You can find out more about the charity on its website at www.teenagecancertrust.org