Monklands Hospital warning issued as A&E visits soar over summer

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Unless you have had an accident or illness that requires the urgent attention of an Accident &Emergency unit please steer clear.

That is the message from NHS Lanarkshire chief executive Calum Campbell whose staff recorded a dramatic 20 per cent spike in these visits over the summer.

Mr Campbell has compared the scale to the patient levels in the middle of winter .

And he believes that “hundreds” of those patients should have used other NHS services - for safety’s sake alone -

It is now being stressed that the dedicated medical professionals involved in treating genuine emergencies will simply refer patients elsewhere if they do not meet the department’s strict criteria.

Mr Campbell said: “Our services are under tremendous pressure.

“I urge everyone to think carefully before attending our A&E services

“We need to ensure we continue to provide a safe environment for all our patients.”

“There are literally hundreds of patients using our emergency services when they could be seeking help via NHS 24 or from their local pharmacy or GP practice.

“Our redirection policy is being enforced by all our hospital staff .

“This is with immediate effect,

“So unless you have suffered an accident or illness that requires the urgent services of an A&E department, then we urge our patients not to visit our A&E.”