Parliamentarians’ survey finds 98% of Cumbernauld Villagers against GP surgery closure

The Handa Practice in Cumbernauld Village
The Handa Practice in Cumbernauld Village

A survey of residents in Cumbernauld Village shows the vast majority are against the potential closure of its GP surgery.

Last month Condorrat Medical Practice mooted closing its branch surgery, the Handa Parctice, and has been seeking views and feedback via a patient questionnaire.

The Practice has yet to reveal the results of this exercise so Cumbernauld and Kilsyth’s MSP Jamie Hepburn and MP Stuart McDonald decided to carry out their own survey.

The parliamentarians’ survey was delivered to residents in Cumbernauld Village.

Of the 168 who responded, 98% were against the Village Surgery closing, with the remainder undecided.

Mr Hepburn said: “It’s clear that this proposal has no support in Cumbernauld Village and it’s likely the surgery’s own survey will show a similar lack of support.

“The practice are right to have engaged early with the local community and hopefully between the practice and the health board, a long term solution can be found to keep this service in the Village.”

Mr McDonald added: “Clearly the option proposed is not what patients are looking for. The practice are doing the right thing in gauging patient opinion. But it is also clear that NHS Lanarkshire and the Condorrat Medical Practice should come to an arrangement to ensure the GP practice remains in Cumbernauld Village on a long term basis.”

Central Scotland list Mark Griffin MSP raised the matter with Health Secretary Jeane Freeman during General Question Time.

He said: “I’ve been deeply concerned at news that the Cumbernauld Village GP surgery could close, leaving patients stranded and facing a five mile bus trip to access primary care services.

“I raised my concerns with the Health Secretary who agreed with me and gave assurances that the people in Cumbernauld Village would have access to high quality primary care services that are easily available.

“Health Boards have intervened in the past to directly run practices and based on Jeane Freeman’s response to my question, I have called on the Health Board pursue this option, should the GPs withdraw their provision.”