Shatter the secrecy of suicide

Motherwell captain Carl McHugh appears in the campaign video
Motherwell captain Carl McHugh appears in the campaign video

North Lanarkshire Council is backing efforts to raise awareness during suicide prevention week.

World suicide prevention day, which falls on Sunday (September 10), is encouraging everyone to ‘take a minute, change a life’.

The message is at the heart of this year’s campaign which is asking everyone to take a moment to offer a gentle word of support and listening to those who may be struggling emotionally as it can make all the difference.

Lynne MacDonald, the council’s suicide prevention officer, said: “Suicide is something people don’t want to talk about and we have to try and change this mindset. Every suicide is a tragic loss of life and we all have a role to play in suicide prevention.

“Our aim is to make sure we can provide the right support when people need it most. By working together we can all make a difference and help save lives.”

As in previous years there are a host of events across Lanarkshire to promote suicide awareness day and this message ... which can be found here

These include the annual football tournament in Ravenscraig, a planned schools tournament later on in the year, the launch of a new suicide prevention app for young people and local cafes will also have branded paper cups and napkins with the message ‘shatter the secrecy of suicide keep the conversation alive’ encouraging people to talk openly about suicide.