Christian rock night at Cumbernauld Town Hall

IN the Bible, Jesus had a mountain, sandals and his voice but in Cumbernauld, Jesus has drums guitars and a mic to spread his word.

Wednesday, 14th September 2011, 4:41 pm

At least that’s the message from the Freedom City Church who are hosting their annual youth music festival at Cumbernauld Town Hall on Friday, September 16.

The music event, hosted by the Church’s own group, Music Revolution, seeks to spread the word of the Gospel through the medium of music in an attempt to convey Christianity in a relevant and contemporary manner.

Church pastor Rachel Gibson said: “The event is now in its fourth year and has local Christian music and dance artists, spreading the Christian message and the gospel message.

“There are different types of acts and it aims to make these messages relevant.

“It is for the young people in the area but not exclusively for Christians.

“Last year we had around 150 young people there and around 100 the year before so this year we’re hoping for even more.”

The evening is a free event at the Town Hall and starts at 7pm.

Contact Rachel on 01236 453 311 for further information.