Cumbernauld actress lands zombie film role

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LOCAL actress Mandy Edgar has landed a leading role in a Scottish zombie flick.

Mandy, who lives in North Carbrain, has been cast as the leading lady in ‘Evening of the Dead’, which is being directed by Glasgow-based filmmaker Frank McGowan and produced by his company Bad Pony Media.

The film, due for release in late 2014, will be shot at locations in Glasgow, northern England and France.

Mandy (32), said: “I got into acting while I was at Greenfaulds High School, that’s where I was bitten by the drama bug.

“I did Grease and the Wizard of Oz. Then, when I was 26 I joined the Apex Players and I’m still working with them, alongside people like Joe Thomson and we’ve started making our own short films. I’ve also worked with the Strathclyde Theatre Group in productions including The Glass Menagerie.

“I learned about Evening of the Dead on Facebook and went for an audition - and fortunately I was cast in the film.”

The project - which is poised for a major promotional push starting in Hallowe’en including a “zombie lottery” to win a part in the film, will benefit from input by Hollywood professionals including costumier Karen Keech Swerling, whose portfolio includes The Munsters Today.

Mandy explained that despite the zombie infestation the film contains serious themes designed to make audiences think. “My character, Judith, is more or less the leader of a group of survivors.

“She has a very dark backstory, she’s a damaged woman who suffered at the hands of her partner. Also, the survivors are people whose lives have in some way been improved by the zombie invasion.”

Mandy added that she is a committed zombie fan: “Eight or nine years ago I saw Dawn of the Dead, and since then I’ve always dressed as a zombie for Halloween. I also love to make my own movie-style fake blood.”

The film’s director, Frank McGowan, added: “Mandy is quite an actress, she’s also appearing in The Idiot’s Guide to Filmmaking, a TV series we’re doing for Braw TV which is a new Scottish Freeview channel. So this film is just one of a number of projects we’re working on at the same time, but it’s a big deal for us. We have a main cast of 18 people along with a mixture of massive Hollywood cameos and new talent like Mandy.

“We’re also going to have a big marketing push with the zombie lottery and other interactive stuff, we really want to generate a big buzz around this film.”

Zombie aficionados may find this film is a bit more cerebral than they might expect. Frank added: “We are not following the typical route here.

“The zombies are going to be a backdrop for the dramatic interaction between our characters, whose stories will be explained through heavy use of flashbacks. We’re out to shock people with powerful drama.”