Cumbernauld’s Dykeenies tell all as new album released

The Dykeenies.
The Dykeenies.

THEY looked like the next big thing, then things went a bit quiet for a few years. But now the Dykeenies are back!

Turn the clock back four years and Cumbernauld’s own pop stars are playing to sellout crowds, winning rave reviews and a lot of attention from big figures in the music industry.

They were touring the US and Europe, billed alongside the likes of the Fratellis, and invited to Elton John’s Christmas party.

But then things turned a bit sour as Sony decided to pull the funding for its UK subsidiary record label Lavolta, which the Dykeenies were with. So what happened?

For our exclusive interview with frontman Brian Henderson, see your News and Chronicle - out now.