Cumbernauld store says ‘Come on Eileen’!

IT WAS a day they thought they would never see – but staff at a local store will party on down on Saturday and want a very special person to join them.

Bon Marche in Cumbernauld Centre nearly went out of business when the firm went into receivership but the store doged closure and is getting ready to hang up the bunting for the clothing chain’s 30th Birthday.

The timeless song that topped the charts at that point in 1982 was the legendary floor-filler Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners – which went on to become number one in the United States.

This set staff thinking and manageress Catherine Turner has launched a hunt for an 82-year-old called Eileen to help them celebrate!

Catherine (50) said: “We wanted to make this a special day as we have come through quite a lot and we want someone to enjoy the party. They’ll be given a £30 outfit and can help us cut our cake – and have a wee glass of champagne!

“It hasn’t been easy to find someone though as we have already phoned round the local care homes but there is nobody of that name who is that age,” she added.

This is the point that Catherine decided to involve the News and Chronicle in her quest.

“We are hoping that someone is out there - and they’ll be very welcome to join us,” she said.

If you or someone you know fits the bill, you can contact Catherine on 01236 727889.