Cumbernauld woman vows to help stricken animal shelter in Sri Lanka

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A Cumbernauld woman who worked in an animal shelter in Sri Lanka has pledged to help again after a natural disaster left it waterlogged.

Jennifer Campbell (33) didn’t only help the vulnerable creatures in her charge on a trip several years ago, she brought one of the dogs home with her!

Now the shelter needs Jennifer’s help again after severe flooding left the sanctuary in a state of devastation.

Jennifer who attended Kildrum Primary and is a vet practice manager said: “The cattery is unusable as it doesn’t have adequate drainage and the cats had to be rescued out of deep water. They are currently housed in another area of the sanctuary.

“There were some walls that collapsed due to the weather leaving some areas unusable for the dogs.

“The sanctuary desperately needs funds for these repairs as well as the day-to-day running, as they currently feed 900 dogs and cats every day.

Jennifer who lives in Ainslie Road is doing a sponsored cycle in Millport in June for the cause and animal lovers can donate on ASOS.

Jennifer will return to Sri Lanka as a supervisor in the shelter in September for a two week period.

Meanwhile she also looking for donations of collars, leads and Vaseline to help dogs with skin problems that she’ll help treat.