Each week the News and Chronicle turns the spotlight on a new baby, newly wed couple or other family milestone. This week: the birth of Ruaridh William Shanks.

Friday, 16th December 2011, 9:00 am

PARENTS: Mum Lynne (27) is a chartered accountant. Dad Paul, also 27, works for the investment wing of a retail bank. Ruaridh is a little brother for three-year-old Hannah. They live in Leckethill Avenue, Westfield.

PREGNANCY: Fine until the final stretch when Lynne started to experienced bad hip and back pain which kept her awake.

BIRTH: Ruaridh was six days late. Lynne thinks his birth was prompted by her feeling unwell the night before. A quick hospital dash was eventually required and after just three hours, Master Shanks made his appearance.

BABY: Settling in a treat. Only cries when hungry, feeds well and sleeps like a champion!

NAME: The couple both wanted a Scottish name. William was picked as it has been a common choice in Lynne’s family.

GRANDPARENTS: Lynne’s mum and dad are Myra and Bill Bannister who live in Condorrat and Balloch respectively. Paul’s parents are Eastfield’s Ian and Isobel Shanks.

THANKS: To the midwives and both sets of grandparents who provided so much support during the pregnancy. Also to brother Lynne’s brother Scott who was the driver to and from the hospital and to Great Aunt Rosemary.

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