Family Matters

This week’s Baby of the Week: Zack MacDonald

Friday, 16th September 2011, 10:38 am

PARENTS: Charlene MacDonald (29) is a program support worker at the Australia Bank. Dad Steven (28) is a local postman. Zack is their first child. The family home is in Etive Crescent Condorrat.

PREGNANCY: Thankfully for Charlene, the nine months passed without any problems.

BIRTH: Zack plainly has his own sense of timing and thought he would surprise everyone by making an early appearance! As a result, Charlene went into labour 6 days early and baby Zack arrived 11 hours later.

NAME: This was much discussed. After much debate, Zack was the only name the parents could agree on!

GRANDPARENTS: Charlene’s mum and dad, Moira and Archie Gilmour live in Moodiesburn and Steven’s parents Ellen and Steve live in Kildrum. A special mention must go to another family member for Zack’s aunt is someone News readers might recognise - our receptionist Natalie Gilmour.

THANKS: To all staff in attendance and family and friends for cards and lovely gifts - they are much appreciated.