Former North Lanarkshire Council executive receives £450,000 pay off

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A former North Lanarkshire Council executive received more than £450,000 as a redundancy package during a management reshuffle.

Janice Hewitt, former assistant chief executive, took voluntary redundancy from North Lanarkshire Council while on secondment to the Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board, which is a partnership organisation between NHS Lanarkshire and the council, and serving as its chief officer.

Ms Hewitt received £450,802 compensation for loss of office – more than treble her salary.

However, a council spokeswoman said three quarters of this money went to the pension fund with the remainder being allocated in a one-off lump sum in line with council policy as well as a  statutory redundancy payment.

The framework for redundancy payments are arrived at via discussions between COSLA, the Scottish Government and trade unions.

The council spokeswoman added said: “Senior level restructures have delivered £413,000 savings each year.

“The remuneration package was calculated in line with the council’s procedures. Employees being made redundant are entitled to a contractual redundancy payment and to access their pension entitlement in accordance with the pension regulations.

“In addition, the council’s own rules state that restructure costs must be paid back within three years. In this case the payback period is two years. So, from 2021 this is a saving of £132,301 each and every year.”

Neil McGrory - Local Democracy Reporting Service