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ROAD IMPROVEMENTS: In 1953 we revealed that Stirling Road near Castlecary was to be upgraded.
ROAD IMPROVEMENTS: In 1953 we revealed that Stirling Road near Castlecary was to be upgraded.

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This week in 2003

GEORGE JUNIOR: Josh Hughes (6) of St Margaret’s Avenue in the village was picked to play the young George Orwell in a BBC drama. The youngster who attended the Live and Loud stage school in Glasgow was taken to the set by his dad, David McGregor who unexpectedly landed a part in the production as a school headmaster, following a mix-up with costumes for the intended actor!

This week in 1993

CROY COMPLAINTS: It was a local transport superhub but locals said that Croy station was a dicey environment for passengers in the dark. Unlit paths, lack of taxi rank and a locked waiting room were just t hree of the issues which arose at Croy Community Council. Councillor John Cullen said: “We’ve asked for the station to be kept open longer and for a call box to be installed but British Rail says it’s too costly and British Telecom refuse to put in a phone as the station is unmanned for so long.’’

This week in 1953

MIRACULOUS ESCAPE: A bus load of passengers travelling from Glasgow to Kilsyth were able to walk to safety after the double decker toppled over near Silva Farm. The bus had mounted the embankment and toppled over on its side. Thankfully the roof was caught by a tree which stopped the bus plunging down the 20 foot drop. Passengers on the top deck were able to scramble to freedom from the emergency exit of the top deck. Ambulances took the injured passengers from the bottom storey but none were seriously injured.

This week in 1923

LETTER FROM AMERICA: Kilsyth’s reputation as a temperance town had even reached America where prohibition was in fully cry Former Kilsythian William Abercrombie wrote to ex Bailie Wilson from Michigan including a newspaper cutting which mentioned the town. William said: “This little mining town of ours seems to have set a wonderful example to Detroit where we are finding this fight very hard now.’’