Living lesson an eggs-ellent idea

Declan Haggerty (5) keeps an eye on the incubator
Declan Haggerty (5) keeps an eye on the incubator

MANY have pondered the age-old question about the chicken and the egg, but at Chapelgreen Primary, the latter definitely came first.

The pupils have been taking part in the Living Eggs initiative with each class being assigned their own incubator and 10 eggs to care for.

And the youngsters couldn’t hide their excitement last week when their chicks began to peck their way out of their eggs.

Head teacher Barbara McNaughton said: “It was like a maternity ward here! We had two in one class and three in another.

“The children could see the wee beaks poking through and you could’ve heard a pin drop in the classrooms!”

BAM Nuttall, the school’s business partner, helped them fund their participation in the two week programme, with the rest being paid for by a grant.

Barbara added: “The kids have had great fun – the eggs are all health checked and when they came in, one of them was cheeping which they were all laughing at.

“It’s just been like a living science project for them.

“We’re in quite a fortunate position, one of the teachers has hens so she’s going to take some of them home.

“One of the children’s parents has a farm and there’s someone at BAM Nuttall who takes ex-battery hens, so we’ve got plenty of options to make sure they go to a good home!”