Lottery prank for Cumbernauld shoppers

Alan Dedicoat at Tesco Cumbernauld
Alan Dedicoat at Tesco Cumbernauld

The National Lottery recently set up a surprise for players in Cumbernauld.

TV and radio announcer Alan Dedicoat hid in the security room at Tesco Extra, talking to customers purchasing lottery tickets over the PA system.

He thanked them for playing the lottery, which has so far raised £33 billion for good causes since 1994.

Hidden cameras captured footage of the customers being presented with unusual gifts representing lottery-funded projects.

Tracey McNulty, Les Wilson and James Malloney, all from Cumbernauld, are featured in the video.

Lottery spokeswoman Vicki Kennedy said: “Every week National Lottery players raise £34 million for charities and projects and that funding touches communities all over the country. This was a chance for us to thank National Lottery Players for making so much possible and who better to deliver our message than the Voice of the Balls, Alan Dedicoat?”

Alan Dedicoat added: “A lot of National Lottery players don’t realise just how much good they’re doing by buying a ticket, so we wanted to show them - literally - and have a laugh along the way. I’ve had so much fun giving Lottery players a surprise by booming over the store tannoy – I can’t think of a better way to say thank you for the continued support.”