Love at first sight

Donna and Alan
Donna and Alan

AN OPTOMETRIST who works in Cumbernauld has tied the knot with a co-worker after finding love on the premises!

Alan Ford (30) who originally hails from Northern Ireland DID go to Specsavers and is very glad he did so – because the Cumbernauld branch is where he got to know a fellow optometrist who would become his bride!

That was Glasgow lass Donna Marshall (29) – who he had first encounterd during his studies at University. Before long, love had blossomed and after a seven year courtship, the pair recently wed.

Alan said: “‘Donna works in Specsavers Coatbridge now. We’re not in each other’s pockets as much as we once were but it’s great to be able to talk to each other about work.

“We were good friends before we started dating which, I think, helped a lot, although the fact we both work at Specsavers is still a talking point when people ask how we got together

“I don’t know who ever said business and pleasure don’t mix but for us it definitely has!’’ he added.