N and C Third Degree

In the spotlight this week is Reverend Grant Hamilton

1. What do you like best about Christmas?

The story itself never loses its wonder. For me it is just the most hope filled time of the year.

2. Knowing what you know now, what message would you give to your teenage self?

Don’t buy Sun-in before your graduation. It will dye your hair orange on all the photos!

3. What’s your most prized possession?

My giant framed Queen of the South championship top. It hides behind the couch because it takes up too much room on the wall.

4. What skill that you don’t have already would you most like to acquire?

To play the bagpipes and get everyone singing at a Scotland match.

5. What song sums up your life?

Everybody’s Changing by Keane.

6. What is the number one choice on your ‘bucket list’?

I know it might seem super holy but I guess my number one would be to introduce Jesus to other people I know and love.

7. What would you say was your main motivation in life?

To live a fruitful life pleasing to God.

8. What qualities do you most value in a friend?

Love, loyalty and availability.

9. Recommend a book you think our readers will enjoy.

Rejesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch – a book about the real Jesus.

10. How would you most like to be remembered?

As a faithful follower of Jesus, a great husband and a great dad. These are all works in progress.