New one-man show about Cumbernauld

Kirkland Ciccone
Kirkland Ciccone

THEATREGOERS can look forward to a new one-man show about Cumbernauld, courtesy of the inimitable Kirkland Ciccone.

Writer and raconteur Kirkland has been performing shows such as A Secret History of Cumbernauld, In Bed With Kirkland Ciccone and The Dead Don’t Sue at venues around Central Scotland for a few years now, and recently announced his next production - The A-Z of Kirkland Ciccone.

As Kirkland explains: “It’s the story about growing up in a new town when the town isn’t new any more, peppered with observations about the world around us. There’s a PowerPoint backing, but it’s got me improvising too. It could very well be the best thing in the history of time. Or it could cause a vortex to occur.”

Kirkland has had an interesting life so far, including a stint working as a psychic, but apparently “nobody liked his fancy cape and silly shoes”. His show, which will combine slides with a splash of comedy and style promises (according to the man himself): “Lashings of rubbish psychic powers, bungled armed robberies, street fights with Buckie bints, the feuds, the fights, the grit, the glamour, the court cases and the stupid hairstyles along the way.”

This theatrical experience will teach us all about such events as the Granny Riots of Craigieburn Road and an incident when Kirkland was pursued down the street by a flasher.

So for all this and more, you know what to do - get yourself along to Cumbernauld Theatre Studio at 7.45 pm on Saturday, October 8. Tickets, priced £6, and can be purchased from the theatre’s box office on 01236 732887.

Also coming up at Cumbernauld Theatre- Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham are performing tomorrow (Thursday, September 15), while there is an acoustic music night on September 21, and tributes to David Bowie and Mark Bolan on September 23. On September 24 Doorways in Drumorty will be coming to the Theatre - this is a biographical play about Strichen woman Lorna Moon, who became one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood. More on that next week.