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This week, we spoke to Paul Bain, who is a musician from Cumbernauld.

1.Along with your partner Claire, you make up music duo Raintown. Your biggest influence?


2.What’s your career high so far?

Making history as the first Scottish act to perform at the Country 
Musical Association Festival in Nashville.

3.What’s the key to success in music making?

Persistence and willing to raise your own standard

4.If money were no object what would you do with the rest of your life?

Tour the world and perform for our fans

5. What gives you the feelgood factor?

Nothing better than performing on stage with Claire.

6. Which three people living or dead would you like to take out for a pint?

Elvis, Bruce 
Lee and My 

7.What’s the best advice you have ever received?

Never,ever give up.

8 Your favourite part of the world?


9. What part of your life do you look on with the most 

Our future!

10 What motto do you live your 
life by?

Do not be scared of being told ‘no’, it just means you’re closer to a ‘yes.’