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This week, we spoke to Shelia Taylor from Abronhill.

1.You’ve worked with nursery school children for years. What’s the most rewarding aspect of this?

Seeing them happy and ready to go to ‘big school’ and the amusing things they have said.

2.Number one on your bucket list?

To go to New York and see a show on Broadway.

3.The first record you ever bought?

Dean Martin’s That’s Amore.

4.Your favourite animal?

Got to say cats AND dogs. They are part of my family.

5.What temptation can you not resist?


6.The qualities you most admire in a friend?

Their humour and patience, which they need to put up with me. Thanks girls!

7.The part of your life you look on with most affection?

Has to be the births of my two children and my five grandchildren.

8.What in life gives you the most satisfaction?

Vounteering with the elderly and my great group of adults with additional support needs.

9.If money were no object how would you spend the rest of your life?

To buy even more shoes and bags and a big house to put them in!

10. How would you like to be remembered?

For my sense of fun.