Nostalgic reunion for former Carbrain neighbours

Old Beechwooders who turned up for a nostalgic game of Rounders.
Old Beechwooders who turned up for a nostalgic game of Rounders.

THERE was something of a reunion for people who grew up in Carbrain’s Beechwood Road area during the 1970s and 1980s recently.

Thanks to the power of social networking websites, a group of around thirty nostalgic, mostly fortysomethings, who used to play together in the street, got together for some more fun in the sun recently as they converged on Cumbernauld House Park.

“The idea was to show our children the kind of thing we used to do when we were their age,” said Angela Evans, one of the people involved in the event. “So we organised a barbecue and also organised a couple of games of rounders. It was a great example of community spirit, something that a lot of people think has died off a bit.”

It all came about when Andrew Danskin was chatting to Catherine Arthur about the things they used to enjoy as children. “I stuck a notice on Facebook inviting anyone we played with as kids to come along for a reunion, and was totally surprised by the response. Word just grew and people kept getting in touch to ask if it was definitely happening. And they all turned up on the day, and brought their children too, which was fantastic. A lot of the children know each other from school together, but didn’t realise how many of the parents knew each other too.”

“Catherine and myself would like to thank everyone who came along, it went so well we mean to do it again, perhaps make it a biannual event. It was a good bit of nostalgia.”

And Andrew thinks that the unique lifestyle offered by settling in a new town was one reason why this event went so well. “We all arrived in the area around the same time and were always part of each other’s lives.”