Our say, by editor Jackie Mitchell

161211 Jackie Mitchell
161211 Jackie Mitchell

TWO very different things have been stressing me out this week – one of them I really should be well past the stage of.

Yes, standard grade prelims are making life in the Mitchell household a little fraught.

I was helping my daughter out at the weekend with her English past papers. It really took me back to remember my alliteration from my onomatopoeia. I think – think – I gave her the right advice. And I will be a little shame-faced if it’s my English coaching that lets her down!

The other thing giving me grief this weekend was Christmas. I’m trying to shop locally, but couldn’t find a parking space at one point in my home town. Good news for the shops, not so great for me.

And don’t get me started on internet shopping. One major retailer very nearly lost a customer as I lost my patience with in a tussle between them and online banking.

And breathe . . .