Rapper spreads the lord’s word.

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THERE is no denying that rap music often gets a bad name, but a Cumbernauld rapper is hoping to change that by spreading the word of God.

Marc Lawson aka MPFree is hoping to change the rap game by writing lyrics inspired by his religion.

The 29-year-old, from Seafar, is a Christian who hopes to inspire young people to think about God and his teachings through his rap music.

The father-of-three, who has daughters Lucy (6), Sophie (5) and Bethany (1), said: “I do rap about various things such as the political state of this country but rapping about my religion is very important to me.

“I want my music to make an impact on young people and to make them realise that the things most rappers glorify such as drugs and violence is not a great life.

“I want to show them they can enjoy rap music that has a positive message.”

For full story, see this week’s Cumbernauld News or Kilsyth Chronicle dated Wednesday, July 25.

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