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Cumbernauld Rainbows
Cumbernauld Rainbows

CUMBERNAULD Rainbows obviously have friends in high places – after getting the royal seal of approval.

These young ladies – who are at the youngest stage of the Girl Guide movement – had all crafted their own cards to send to the Queen on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.

And their leader Hilda Dunn had made the cards into a booklet secured prettily with a ribbon – then sent it to Buckingham Palace!

Now it was Her Majesty’s turn to get in touch – and her lady-in-waiting has been quick to send the pack a letter of thank you on the Queen’s behalf.

Hilda said: “The girls were over the moon. They were so excited when they saw the envelope with ER on it and they were delighted to read what was inside.

Hilda revealed the the girls seem to have a bit of a soft spot for the 86 year old Monarch – and consider her to be a bit of a style icon!

She said: “They really like the queen. They drew a lot crowns and flowers on her cards. And I think they really enjoyed the occasion itself. They were telling me how they celebrated it.

“It was just lovely to get something back,” she added.