Salmon is found in burn

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PUPILS at Chapelgreen Primary have helped to find the first confirmed salmon in the Queenzie Burn for over 100 years.

The historic discovery was made by the pupils during an environmental education project ran by the Clyde River Foundation.

Pupils were in the Burn researching the lives of trout fish they had released there three years before when they stumbled across the baby salmon, in a litter-strewn patch of the water just 20 yards from the school gates.

Head Teacher, Mrs McNaughton said: “We were all amazed to find a salmon there. We had no idea a fish like that could live in the burn.

“The pupils were first of all disappointed because it was found in a section full of litter but it really is an amazing credit to the fish that it can survive in that kind of environment.

“It proves that projects like this in school do have a very positive impact on the environment.”

Clyde River Foundation Catchment Manager, Dr Willie Yeomans said: “It’s very significant that salmon have managed to find their way back up the Queenzie Burn.

“Alongside the 12 pupils and teacher from Chapelgreen, we are almost certainly the only folks alive to have seen a juvenile salmon in the Queenzie Burn.”

No fish were harmed during the project.