Their Say

By Louise Martin CBE, chair of sportscotland

THE performance of Scotland’s athletes at London 2012 has been truly phenomenal. They have delivered the greatest ever medal haul for Scots in the history of the Olympic Games, recording 10 podium finishes so far at the time of writing, including six golds.

Sportscotland is fully committed to delivering our part of the lasting social, economic, and sporting legacy that will be further generated by Glasgow 2014, and two clear objectives drive our legacy commitment. One is to develop long-term sustainable community-based sport, and the other is to strengthen and develop Scotland’s high performance sport infrastructure.

As we develop a world-class sporting system at all levels, future generations will benefit from the major developments in facilities and coaching networks. The lead programme under our objective of delivering sustainable community-based sport is community sports hubs – an exciting and innovative approach to the development of sport in local clubs.

Designed to increase the number of people of all ages who participate in sport across Scotland, the first of 150 hubs are up and running, bringing local people together and providing a home for local clubs and sports organisations.