Their say - a reader’s view

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Adam Smith, Cumbernauld Environmental Society

Last week saw the Beautiful Scotland judges visit our town as they assessed Cumbernauld under the categories of Horticultural Achievement, Environmental Responsibility, and Community Participation.

In a whistlestop tour they met a number of local groups and saw the deep rooted, hard working community spirit of Cumbernauld in action.

On the day, the judges visited Watch Us Grow, YMCA/YWCA, Cumbernauld House Park, Broadwood Loch, and Cumbernauld Community Park; amongst others. With so much great work going on in Cumbernauld, it’s a shame the judges couldn’t have seen more. Beautiful Scotland is a fantastic way of acknowledging and rewarding the time and effort put in by volunteers throughout Cumbernauld in making our town a better place to live, work, and visit; and with Cumbernauld getting a hard time and far too often talked down, often by people who have never been to our town, achievements like Beautiful Scotland and our recent Civic Pride Award go that little bit further towards ending that unjustified perception once and for all.