Their Say guest column

By Sue Davies, Meningitis Trust

CELEBRATE, remember, or just say thank you for the life of a loved one by planting a virtual flower in the Meningitis Trust’s new online garden,

The ‘Flowers of Thanks’ virtual garden invites you to plant a flower for someone special and share your message of thanks with others. By planting a bloom of your choice, in the name of that extraordinary person, you will also be helping the Trust to continue its work for everyone affected by meningitis.

There are as many as 25 cases of meningitis every day, and the impact of the disease can be devastating, not only for the person affected, but for their friends, families, colleagues and sometimes entire communities.

“The virtual garden provides each and every one of these people with a lovely way in which to celebrate the life of someone special, not just in memoriam but also by way of celebrating or thanking someone. Your flower could be planted to mark a special birthday, memory, achievement or anniversary, or just because you want to help us continue our fight against meningitis, in a bid to help others suffering in the same way.”

To plant your own flower of thanks today simply visit You can also share your flower with family and friends through Facebook and Twitter.